Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Gaming prepped us for parenting

Nintendo's ~ Yoshi's Wooly World

The hunt for the golden Jiggy's was a great introduction to parenting.
Every day we play the game in real life with our own missing puzzle pieces, and I find myself wondering if this was the original inspiration behind its creation?

Yes, I feel gaming prepared many of us for life in many ways ~
especially for parenting.
(Not to mention the joy in re-living a gamery second childhood with our kids.)
Focusing, multitasking, rushing against timers...

Now that we have come full circle, we observe the inspiration behind game creation was us as kids.

Adult's working their butts off, programming, writing, storyboard, designing....
Real quality work always shined through.


Thank you for everything through the years and we hope to pass to the next generation the same kind of love and happiness you all provided us.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Games saves lives

Growing up life can be hardparticularly if you don't fit the socially accepted steriotypes.

Some of us went through tougher situations then others but one thing that connects many of us dealing through life is :gaming

Fantasy in general offers a refuge from the sorrows of everyday life.

For my brother and I, it was an escape from the emotional and physical abuse at home while growing up.

I know there are many others like us and would like to extend an invitation for all with a story to email it to me

Lets talk about the positive games bring for a change.